Tech publications, website content, landing page copy, social media content, blog posts, guest posts, I've done it all as part of my content-centric career. However, I am particularly proud of these publications for high DA sites and tech journals where I was able to play the role of journalist, story-teller and tech reporter.  Enjoy the read! 


I'm ecstatic to be featured on B2C, a leading publication for entrepreneurs, startup founders, and the tech community at large. Here, I regularly write about data quality and data preparation for marketers. 


I met with amazing unsung heroes when I worked with Woomentum. I covered stories of female entrepreneurs from Asia's most tough countries and how these women overcame their challenges to follow their dreams!



DAWN is Pakistan's leading & most prestigious national newspaper. I had the opportunity to be a freelance journalist for the news group. I covered stories of emergy startups that created social change. 

Freelance Clients

Over the past 11 years, I've worked with dozens of businesses from across the world - be it a startup in Dubai, an agency in US, a community in UK, I've done it all. I owe my growth, learning and knowledge to my freelance clients who have given me a global perspective. Here are some of my freelance work experience.

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