Work Experience

I've had the privilege of working with some amazing organizations where I was able to acquire and exercise different skills. I learned how to build a website from scratch. I learned how to write winning proposals and RFPs. I worked closely with SEO, UI/UX teams, and project managers to pull off a successful web, app, development project.  I also worked closely with C-suite executives to determine the direction of online marketing & the steps we needed to reach there. 



2019 - PRESENT

Data Ladder is a Gartner recognized data quality solutions provider in the US, with Fortune 500 and US government institutions as its clientele. 

I was hired in 2019 as a product marketing manager to assist the company in developing an effective marketing plan catering to the multiple customer personas the company interacts with. 

I am responsible for being the voice of the brand. My role consists of writing whitepapers, creating reports, establishing PR relationship with blogs and editors, create high-quality blog content and work with the SEO team to achieve our marketing goals and KPIs. 

I was able to help the company achieve a visibility rating of 40% from a former 32% in the span of 6 months. Additionally, I also got high-quality backlinks for the website from leading blogs in the industry. 

2018 -2019

Woomentum is a startup based in Singapore, providing a mobile community to female entrepreneurs in Asia. As the Chief Content Officer, my job included fuelling community growth, engaging with Asian entrepreneur and experts, and managing a community of 1000 entrepreneurs from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan etc. I was also responsible for managing the online learning feature of the community where I sourced for expert tutors and created courses on digital marketing.

During my time with Woomentum, I was able to increase signup rates by 20% through social media, email marketing and content marketing strategies. 

Moreover, I was also successful in launching two important e-learning courses for the network based on topics of crowdfunding & online learning. 

2016 -2018

360TRAINING is the United States' leading e-learning platforms offering compliance training. The company produces courses in real estate, food & beverages, construction & safety, healthcare, and much more. 

I was hired as a Content Quality Manager. My job was to ensure that the courses we developed were up to industry standards in terms of visual presentation, language, audio, and structure. Along with that, I was also responsible for maintaining QA/QC standards, both pre and post course production. 

During my tenure, I was able to rectify hundreds of courses, revamp some important ones to meet modern learning demands & introduce efficient QA?QC processes. Currently, I am working with the company as a remote editor! 

2015 - 2016

Spectrum Y&R is one of the oldest advertising agencies of Pakistan associated with the global Y&R agency. I was privileged to work in dual roles with the agency - as a social media manager and as a copywriter. I indulged in writing copy for non-profit organizations, created pitches for high-profile clients and managing the digital accounts of existing clients. 

During my short time here, I was handling the digital profile of multi-national and local brand clients including the Special Olympics (Pakistan). I led SOP's digital strategy to success through organic social media activities. Within three months, we were able to increase likes, shares and enrollment of new participants for the final games. 

Spectrum introduced me to the world of advertising and here too, I played the dual role of a social media specialist and a copywriter; working both in the traditional and digital mediums of advertising. 

2013 - 2015

Axact was Pakistan's leading IT company and the hub for tech nerds to do amazing things. The company offered all kinds of online services such as web design and development, app design and development, brand management and a lot more. 

I was hired as an Assistant Brand Manager and was later promoted to Associate Brand Manager. I was part of the Design & Development department, where I was responsible for managing the company's online design and development brands. The job taught me everything I know today of digital marketing. 


I got hands-on training in building and testing landing pages (with ROI of a landing page, reaching up to 15% within just a month of launch), building a website from scratch by interacting with design and development teams, marketing costing and budgeting and a lot more.  

2011 - 2012

Cubix is one of the most popular tech companies that focused on app and mobile game development. Back in 2012, it was an exciting time to be working with these guys because the mobile app industry had just taken off.


As the Business Analyst and Content Manager, I was responsible for content strategy & management as well as writing proposals, the technical scope of work documents and training new writers. I loved the multi-purpose role and learned a lot about the mobile app development industry.

It was here that I was introduced to the world of mobile apps and games. With the knowledge and industry exposure that I gained, I was able to create mobile app strategies for B2B & B2C businesses. 

2010 - 2011

Logo Design Guru was one of the first few US-based companies that offered crowd-design (a popular niche back then) and branding services back in 2010. Web design, logo design, branding asset designs, etc were the main services offered by LDG.

This was my first corporate job, where I was hired as an SEO Content Writer. It was here that I learned essential online/offline SEO, Google Analytics metrics & reporting,  corporate blogging and lead generation.


During my time here, I was appreciated for my blogging skills, quick response to tasks assigned and efficient SEO optimized content. 


I developed a strong understanding of how the online design industry works and was able to utilize that knowledge in my future roles, providing design feedback for online assets such as websites, brochures, logos, etc. 


Not sure how to execute your online business? Need a strategy for growth? I can help! 


Need help with online branding? Be it content, social media or brand persona establishment, I do it all. 


Need to create courses for your community? Looking for help in instructional design, editing or course development? Let's talk. 


Or if you just need consulting on anything related to digital, content, advertising, I'm ready to help!